See the northern lights at Pyhä

See the northern lights at Pyhä
Seeing northern lights on a bright winter night is a truly magical experience that every Lapland visitor dreams of! Near Pyhätunturi there are many good spots to see these colorful lights of the arctic skies. Northern lights (also known as aurora borealis) are best visible on clear skies during evenings and nights from early fall to late spring. The best places to see the light phenomenon are up on the fells and far from any light pollution. If your goal is to see the northern lights at Pyhä, northern light safaris, maps, and a special northern lights alarm app can help!

Northern light safaris at Pyhä and Luosto

Northern light safaris take you to the best possible northern light spotting locations. The safaris take you far from the light pollution of the populated centers, where the stars shine bright on the night sky and the conditions for aurorae are ideal. There are many options to choose from: you can travel by a snowmobile, on snowshoes, by foot, or even on a canoe. During the safari your guide will share interesting facts and stories about the northern lights. The quiet rural nature of Lapland will make the safari an unforgettable experience.

  • Snowmobile safaris are organized by Pyhä Safaris.
  • For photographers there are special photographing safaris that teach you the optimal ways of photographing the northern lights. Kairankutsu’s photography safari takes you to the best spots by car, and Bliss Adventure leads you to good photographing spots by foot while also teaching you more about night photography in general.
  • Kairankutsu also organizes snowshoe and canoe safaris that lead you safely to beautiful distant locations that are ideal for seeing the northern lights.

Northern Lights Alarm System application

Although the appearance of the northern lights is somewhat unpredictable, the lights can be reasonably predicted within a close time frame by analyzing space data and weather conditions.Aurora Alert Real Time website shows you the latest information on possible visible northern lights in the area. The website also has a map that shows you the best spots to see northern lights near you. You can also download the free Aurora Alert Realtime application to your mobile device. The app alerts you of any possible nearby northern lights sightings. Search for the app by typing “Aurora Alerts Pyhä'' or “Aurora Alerts Luosto”. The app works best with a data connection (not wi-fi).

Arctic Academy’s Northern Lights programmes

Arctic Academy’s Northern Lights programme tells you everything you need to know about the northern lights and discusses the phenomenon both through science and old folklore. At the end of the programme a tour guide shares the latest information on current space weather and gives you a forecast on whether the northern lights will be visible in the next few days, or not. The contents of the audiovisual show have been created by space physicist Esa Turunen. The show can be booked for a minimum of 8 people. Read more here.