Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
In the magical Santa Claus Village every day feels like Christmas! In the village, you can find many fun wintery activities, restaurants and shops. Cross the Arctic Circle in the village plaza, meet the real Santa Claus in his office, and send your friends Christmas cards stamped with the official post stamp of the Arctic Circle. You can also take a trip to the nearby Lapland nature for example on a husky sled or a snowmobile.

Sights at Santa Claus Village

Santas Village has plenty to see for the whole family! Santa’s Office is open on every day of the year, and there you get to meet the real Santa Claus and let him hear your Christmas wish. Visiting the Office is free, and you can purchase a photograph of your meeting with Santa as a memory.

Another popular sight at the Village is the historical Roosevelt Cabin, which is the Village’s first building. The cabin got its name from Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the former president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, because the cabin was originally built to celebrate her visit to Rovaniemi. Mrs. Roosevelt was the face of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and was supposed to visit Rovaniemi in the 1950’s to see the post-war reconstruction of the city. A few weeks before Mrs. Roosevelt’s visit, the locals found out that she wanted to cross the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. Therefore, in just a few weeks a small log cabin was built to the previously empty and bare border for Mrs. Roosevelt’s welcoming ceremony. Today, visitors can see a historical exhibition about Rovaniemi’s Arctic Circle inside the Roosevelt Cabin.

The Arctic Circle passes directly through the Santa Claus Village. The Arctic Circle marks the edge of the midnight sun during summer and polar night during winter, where the sun remains either above or below the horizon for the entire day. You can cross the Arctic Circle for example in the center plaza of the Village, where it is marked on the paving.

Activities in the Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village has many things to do and experience throughout the year. Animal lovers can go on a husky ride, sit on a sled pulled by Santa’s reindeer, or visit the Elf’s Farmyard to meet animals such as alpacas, reindeer and rabbits. The farmyard is open for visitors throughout the year.

Husky rides are one of the most popular activities in Lapland, and no wonder! During a visit to a husky farm you can meet the social and cheery sled dogs and rein your own sled through beautiful winter sceneries. Reindeer rides are a bit more leisurely, so you can enjoy the picturesque views under warm pelts in a comfortable sled.

Husky and reindeer safaris are organized near the Village by for example:

  • Bearhill Husky – Short husky rides and longer husky safaris, and a visit to the husky kennel.Husky Park – Rides and safaris of different lengths, husky hikes by foot, and a popular husky hugging pen where you can pet and play with huskies and puppies.
  • Christmas House Safaris – Plenty of different activities for the whole family. Husky and reideer safaris, and a visit to the reindeer farm.
  • Santa Claus Reindeer – Wintery adventures with Santa’s reindeer. You can join a guided reindeer safari during the daytime, or nighttime when you may be lucky enough to see the northern lights in the sky.

Snowmobile safaris are also a fun way to explore the nearby nature and enjoy the speed.Arctic Circle Snowmobile Park,Santa’s Adventures andWild Nordic organize snowmobile tour near the Village.

There are also many things to do during the summer season. Husky farms organize husky safaris where the sled dogs pull carts on wheels in the forest trails. Reindeer and the animals at Elf’s Farmyard can also be met throughout the year.

Tickets to different activities can be booked at Rovaniemi Safari Center that is located in the heart of the village. The helpful staff helps you pick the perfect activities for you and your group.

Restaurants at the Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village has lots of different dining options and cafés that offer both international and traditional Finnish dishes.

Christmas House Restaurant and Coffee Bar serves breakfast and lunch and operates as a cozy hangout venue in the evenings. This buffet-style restaurant has over 150 seats, and during summer you can also enjoy your food outside on the terrace.

Restaurant Kotahovi is located in a unique Lappish hut and serves Lapland-themed á la carte dishes. The ambient restaurant has 50 seats, all surrounding a warm open fire place in the middle of the restaurant. Outside Kotahovi you may spot reindeer of the nearby reindeer farm.

If you are craving for fast food, Santa’s Pizza and Burger is the place for you. The restaurant also has a drive-in lane. On the menu you can find pizza, burgers, finger foods, and kebab.

Santa’s Salmon Place serves fresh salmon cooked on open fire in front of the visitors’ eyes. Located near the main post office, this restaurant calls you to try “the best salmon of your life”.

In the heart of the Village, Three Elves Restaurant serves traditional Lappish treats. The restaurant has a drink bar, 140 seats, and a terrace for summer months.

Finns are known for their coffee consumption, and at Santa’s Village stylish Loft Café makes sure that visitors get their daily dose of aromatic, fresh coffee. The café also serves tea, cakes, pastries, and salty snacks. Through Loft’swebsite you can order take-away snacks beforehand and take them for the queue outside of Santa’s Office, for example.

Shopping at Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village has a great variety of shops where you can buy unique souvenirs and design items. Most of the shops are located near the central plaza. In the Village you can buy for example handmade traditional souvenirs, local crafts, delicious sweets and Finnish design products. Marimekko and Marttiini have their own outlets in the Village.

Santa Claus Main Post Office sells special stamps and postcards. Every card and letter sent from the Post Office is stamped with the official post stamp of Santa Claus Main Post Office. You can also time your post so that it is sent out just in time for Christmas. Every year, nearly two million postcards are sent out from the Post Office!