Snowshoeing in Pyhä and Luosto

Snowshoeing in Pyhä and Luosto
Snowshoeing is a versatile and adjustable winter sport, which can be done almost everywhere. Those who enjoy a peaceful walk may choose a flatter route, while those up for a challenge can quickly but steadily climb the slopes of the arctic hills. Snowshoeing is an excellent winter sport even in cold temperatures, since you can flee the cold arctic wind into the thick forest.

It’s best for snowshoeing beginners to follow marked paths or attend a guided snowshoe safari. It’s important to plan your own independent trips well beforehand according to your own skills and level of strength. Also keep in mind that walking with snowshoes is significantly heavier than normal walking, so it’s important to save some energy also for the journey back. Walking with snowshoes is usually not about rushing, because sudden movements may cause snowshoes to sink deep into the snow. When walking in a group, the one going in front will flatten the paths for those coming behind, and it’s important to change the person in front from time to time.

Snowshoeing trails in Pyhä and Luosto

Snowshoeing trails in Pyhä and Luosto are marked with blue sticks with reflectors, which are situated by the path some distances apart. The paths aren’t being maintained separately. The map for the area’s snowshoe paths can be found here (snowshoeing paths are marked in the maps with a pink line). Please remember that it is not allowed to go snowshoeing on the ski tracks!

Guided snowshoeing trips in Pyhä and Luosto

There are plenty of guided snowshoeing trips organized by local companies in Pyhä-Luosto. Trips are anything from a few-hour-long trips to several days, and all the trips offer different extra services.

  • Kairankutsu offers trips to the national park of Pyhä-Luosto, to the amethyst mine in the park or to walk on the slopes of arctic hills trying to find some northern lights.
  • Lucky Ranch organizes snowshoe trips, where a competent guide chooses the daily route according to the weather conditions. Small children can attend the trip in a traditional Lappish sleight. With extra payment you can add cooking a three-course dinner by open fire with an arctic chef to your trip.
  • Bliss Adventures organizes snowshoe trips either to the peak of Pyhätunturi or to the beautiful scenery of the national park of Pyhä-Luosto. They also offer a two days long snowshoeing trip, where you’ll get a chance to sleep in a hut in the center of quiet Lappish wilderness.
  • Arctic Horizons organizes either half-day and full-day snowshoeing trips to the area of Luosto. Trips include a snack or lunch in a lean-to shelter and a hot drink. Over six hours long day trip takes you to versatile scenery from the majestic arctic hills to the thick snowy forests.
  • Karu Lodge organizes long snowshoeing trips with additional relaxation, because after a few hours long snowshoe trip the travellers will get to enjoy the warmth of a smoke sauna and even dip into a lake through a hole in the ice. At the end of the day a generous evening snack is offered.

Equipment for snowshoeing

Snowshoeing doesn’t require much equipment. The only things needed are good, supportive winter boots and warm clothes. If you’re doing your independent snowshoeing adventure, you should also have some other necessary hiking equipment like a map, a compass, enough snacks and water and a headlamp for the nighttimes.

Snowshoes are attached to the hiker’s own shoes. The bigger the snowshoe, the more weight it carries. Using ski poles is a nice addition to your equipment, since they make walking easier and help to keep the balance in different conditions.

Equipment for the snowshoeing trips can be rented from e.g. rental shop at Pyhä skiing center. Also, the above-mentioned Bliss Adventures and Kairankutsu rent out snowshoes. In Luosto you may rent your snowshoes in Juhan voitelupalvelu, Lapland Safaris and skiing center’s slope restaurant Knööli.