Fishing and Ice Fishing in Pyhä and Luosto

Fishing and Ice Fishing in Pyhä and Luosto
In Pyhä and Luosto, there are plenty of good fishing spots, for example catching rainbow trout, but also for plenty of other fish species. Fishing is a peaceful way to spend time in the beautiful nature of Finnish Lapland year-round. The local tourism companies also offer different fishing trips for both beginners and more experienced fishers. Before fishing, make sure you have all the needed fishing permissions from Metsähallitus and the permission for fishing from the owner of the water area.

Fishing places in Pyhä and Luosto

In Pyhä the especially popular fishing places are Pyhä lake and Pyhä river. Pyhä lake originates from a spring, and therefore it has exceptionally clear water. It’s not particularly a small lake, since its area is around 248 hectares. It’s possible to set sail with an own boat or rent a boat at the site. Pyhä lake is also an excellent ice fishing place at winter time. In order to be allowed to fish in the Pyhä lake’s water area, you need to have paid the fisheries management fee and also own a fishing rod permit from the city where you’re fishing.

Next to the travelling center of Luosto there is a small pond-like lake, called Ahvenlampi. Ahvenlampi is known to be an excellent place to catch some fish. Ahvenlampi is only 5 hectares large, but it’s possible to catch e.g. rainbow trout, since it’s stocked there regularly. Around the lake there is roughly a 2-kilometre-long nature track and a lean-to-shelter by the pond, where you can enjoy your freshly caught fish or a nice picnic by an open fire. In order to be allowed to fish in Ahvenlampi, you must have the national rod licence. There you must have the national rod licence for all styles of fishing, even for ice fishing and angling! Read more about fishing permissions below.

Fishing permissions in the area

According to general fishing rights it is allowed to do hook and line fishing, ice fishing and fishing with a simple herring rig and lure fishing with one lure without extra permissions almost everywhere, but for some special fishing areas there’s a need for separate permission also for these types of fishing. All 18-64-year-old people who are intending to fish, must pay the fisheries management fee for lure- and trap fishing.

All the needed fishing permissions for the state’s fishing area and the certificate for paid fisheries management fee can be added to your phone easily with Eräluvat-application. The fisheries management fee can also be paid with phone, in an online store or in the nature center Naava. From Naava you may also buy the national rod licence for fishing in the area. Read more here.

Guided fishing trips in Pyhä

Lucky Ranch organises guided fishing trips to Pyhä lake during winters and summers. The price of the trip includes renting the fishing equipment and a snack with hot drink.

Kairankutsu organizes different ice fishing and fishing trips in the area of Pyhä-Luosto. During the winter you may choose either a few hours long guided ice fishing tour for beginners, or a longer fishing trip travelling to further fishing places. The competent guides choose the ice fishing place according to the fish species you’re aiming to catch. During the summer Kairankutsu organizes both easy and more extreme fishing trips to different locations. You may for example book a boat trip to the beautiful scenery of Kemi river for your group. Through Kairankutsu you may also rent a boat or fishing equipment for your independent fishing trips.

Jaakkola Reindeer Farm in Luosto also organizes ice fishing safaris. They take their group to the safaris comfortably in a reindeer sleigh.

FishSki Uski can plan a personalized fishing or ice fishing trip according to your needs, wishes and schedules in the area of Pyhätunturi.